Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookies

On this page you can find information about our privacy policy and the processing of the data on our website. All possible data processing is done in accordance with requirements of the applicable data protection legislation. In the Netherlands this is the General Data Protection Regulation.

This means that we clearly specify which data we process, explain the purposes, limit our processing of data to what is necessary, ask your permission for the processing of your data, take appropriate measures to secure your data and respect your rights to acces, modify, delete your personal data helded by us.

What kind of data do we collect?

We process the personal data that you provide to us by using certain features on our website. For example, the data you can send us by e-mail and/or the data that’s being generated during your visit to our website, like your IP adress and browser agent information. This data is used to support and improve our website and services.


Our website makes use of (digital) cookies. Cookies are small text files which are stored in the browser of the user. In such files, information can be stored so that the information doesn’t needs to be re-entered during following visits. Another functionality is the registration of website and/or page visits, so that the amount of visitors can be noted to improve our services. This description as well as the cookies we use are categorised as ‘functional cookies’, which, according to privacy legislation, can be used without an explicit approval of the user.

We point our visitors on the general use of cookies by their first website visit by showing a notification concerning our use of cookies. The implied request can be approved by pressing on ‘OK!’ and/or by continuing the use of our website. If you wish to withdraw any usage of the current or future cookies, you can disable the use of cookies (for our and/or other) websites in your web browsers settings. By doing so, some features on our website could work not as properly as intended. Currently we are only using functional cookies that are custom to the systems that we use to provide the correct display and functionality of our web content and functional cookies that track the visits of our webpages though IP adres information and browser agent data. The use of cookies and related techniques by third parties associated with the systems we use, are subject to the rules of the relevant parties.

Your rights regarding your data

It is at all times possible to request a copy of your data stored by us, and/or to modify and/or delete your data stored by us. To acces your data, we will send you an exported text file with all of your personal data we stored. To modify your data, we need a reference to the specific data and the new data you wish to replace it with. In case of deleting your data, we need a reference to your data as well or a request to delete all personal data. You also have the possibility to request a transfer of your data, if technically possible, to a third party you request.
When we receive one of the above requests, we usually try to respond within 30 days.

When we receive one of the above requests, we can ask to confirm your identity with with a valid ID, so that we can confirm it is your personal data. When you send us your ID, you need to hide your photograph and social security number. The identifying data used for your request, will be deleted within 14 days after replying to your verification, unless this is not possible because of legal reasons. In any case, information about deleting or storing your verification will be provided within 14 days after replying to your verification.

Modifications to our terms, cookies and privacy policy

We retain the right to modify our terms, cookies and privacy policy. If you wish to stay informed about any possible future changes, we recommend to regularly consult this webpage about our privacy policy.

Securing your data

We apply appropriate measures to secure your personal data against loss or any form of illegal processing. We exclusively store your data in secured servers of our organisation or on secured private servers of third party server providers. Our employers have a strict duty of confidentiality with regard to your personal data. The processed data is only used for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy.

Complaints procedure

If you wish to send a complaint concerning the processing of your personal data, please send us a message with further information about your complaint to our e-mailadres, provided at our contact information below. We will try our best to solve your complaint as fast and good as possible. You always remain the right to file a complaint about the processing of your personal data at the authority of personal data. In the Netherlands, this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Questions and further information

For questions about our privacy policy, you can reach us by sending an e-mail to our e-mailadres. To avoid advertising e-mail and by doing so helping our costumers as good as possible, we have provided an image instead of text characters. Please use the information displayed below when writing us an e-mail. Thank you!